3 Benefits Of Using Facebook Messenger For Your Business

The Facebook Messaging App has millions of active users, and it is increasing exponentially day by day. Currently, the average number of messages sent monthly between users, and businesses on Facebook messenger --- 2 billion. Further, it is expected that messaging behavior will increase over the next two years.

Messenger gives you everything you need to instantly communicate with people, whether it’s to ask for business hours, or check on the status of an online order. Additionally, messenger is free and doesn’t require a Facebook account, anyone can use Messenger to communicate with your business.

To get started you have to enable your messenger for your Business Page under the general setting tab: To increase your response time, try and respond to your messages quickly. (you can integrate a chat bot software system to help you manage your time, engage with your customers and clients better, but more on that later).

Next, you need to configure your message settings. Under message setting tab, you can enable your response time display. This is helpful when you are open for business and your client or customer messages your business. It informs them how long they usually will have to wait to hear a response to their queries.

When you are closed, you can set your messaging status to away, so it doesn’t reflect your response time stats. To enable this feature, go to your page’s messages and click away in the upper left.


3 Benefits of Using Messenger with Your Facebook Business Page


  • Provide Service: Some customers post questions in comments, but others prefer private messages. They don’t want to share their personal information publically, so they send you a message through Facebook messenger. With the help of messenger, you can directly send a private email or message with required information to your customers and clients.

  • Raise Awareness:  Acquire new customers by starting a dialogue about your products or services to generate a lift for your business. This could drive more conversions than would your webpage alone.

  • Enable Transactions: With the help of Facebook Messenger, you can directly sell your exclusive products or services. You can take orders, or book appointments immediately. You are able to send pictures, links, files, share important details with your customers and clients about exclusive offers, and invite them to check out your other products or services.

Additional Helpful Tip:

While communicating with your customers in real time can be beneficial, it can also take a lot of time and resources to respond. You can integrate a bot with messenger to help you have meaningful conversations with your customers, at scale. You can setup automated triggers based on time, keywords, returns, and actions.

You can quickly receive and send messages automatically, like weather and traffic updates, to customized communications like receipts, shipping notifications. Also, answering common questions like; business hours and locations, appointment scheduling and confirmations, product or service feedback.

You can create different types of experiences, based on how complex your experience will be, whether it'll be human-powered live chat, use artificial intelligence (AI), or something in between.

  • Live chat: Build relationships in real time and respond to people right away.

  • Automation: Leverage your existing resources and automate standard responses to commonly asked questions so you can reach more people.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Use artificial intelligence to identify what people are saying and deliver scalable, delightful experiences in an instant.

This will not only, save you time, but it will also improve the quality of your interactions so you never miss a lead, or opportunity to engage with your customers and clients.