Content Marketing Strategies For Vegan Businesses


Content marketing is a strategic approach that focuses on building and distributing valuable, consistent and relevant content. It aims to attract and maintain a distinct set of audience, and ultimately, generate profitable customer action. A few key points to remember here are:

  • Strategic approach – content marketing is not an aimless sequence of posts and social media feeds. The content must clearly convey your message and take you closer to achieving your objectives.
  • Target audience – understand the needs, wants, interests and concerns of your target audience. How will your restaurant influence their lives? What expertise and uniqueness can your restaurant offer them? What type of content would keep your audience engaged and entertained?

  • Profitable customer relationships – sharing branded content via social media earns your business credibility. Share with  your target audience how your brand can make a positive difference in their lives.

In terms of the type of ‘content’ you need to market, remember the ‘VCR’ rule:

  • Valuable – your audience must gain something worthwhile from your blogs or videos. Content should be informative and should connect with their daily lives and ideas.

  • Consistent – content must be effective and should make you immediately recognizable. Everything you post online must relate to and convey the vibe of brand.  

  • Relevant – content must highlight consumer needs and wants. Gain their trust and show them that you understand what’s important to them.

Plain and simple, content marketing attracts traffic, and generates leads. Interconnecting your blog, website and social media feeds encourages people to find you easily and increases site interactions. Content marketing also helps in building your reputation. Cultivating relationships with your target audience; creates connections, increases brand awareness, and will build customer loyalty. A good content strategy to have is to be a good resource for your audience, and write for them.

Content Marketing and SEO

Search engines, such as Google, are the ultimate source of information for customers. This is where establishing a search engine optimization (SEO) plan comes in handy. Search engines are constantly updating algorithms to improve the quality of search results, which means that the content on your website must be up-to-date and fresh, if it is to be rewarded and displayed frequently on search engine results pages (SERPs).

However, remember to avoid over-optimizing your content. If it feels awkward to read, search engines will probably flag it. ‘Spam’ and ‘keyword-stuffed’ content adds no value to your marketing strategy. Make sure the content you post is SEO-friendly and user-friendly.

In today’s digitized world, the importance of marketing your plant-based restaurant online cannot be underestimated. Content marketing strategy, if used correctly, can help attract customers, build brand reputation and generate substantial revenue for your restaurant.

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