Video Marketing is a Powerful Tool to Effectively Market Your Plant-Based Restaurant

Plant-Based Restaurant Marketing options are endless, from advertising on your website, newsletter, blogs, running ads, etc. One method that stands out which is both effective and affordable is social media video marketing. Video marketing is a great tool you can use to boost your social media presence, and it can be done quickly and easily . According to statistics there are more than 7 billion videos watched each day on Facebook and YouTube. If you are a restaurant owner and want a leg up on your competition you should be investing in video marketing to promote your business.

To get you started- Below are 7 reasons why you’re surely missing out if you still haven’t embarked on a video advertising campaign:

1.  Video has arrived and here to stay!

Just for starters, statistics show that target audiences are extremely inclined towards watching videos, in particular square videos. 1 in 4 consumers lose interest in a company if it doesn’t have video. In fact, 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product or company than read about it. Your plant-based restaurant could very well enhance its popularity, by using video to build a reputable following and connection to your viewers.

2.   Higher SEO Rankings

Search engine companies tend to make correctly tagged and labeled video content a priority when tweaking their algorithms. Sharing your restaurant’s videos via social media or posting them on your blog or website will significantly increase the likelihood of your target audience coming across your video content. Bottom line: the more videos you upload, the higher your SEO rankings.

3.   Spread the Word

Unlike passively receiving emails, ads, etc., video allows customers to actively choose what content they want to engage with. Users tend to share far more videos on social media videos than they tend to share posts or tweets. According to Twitter, more than 700 videos are shared online every minute by users. This phenomenon will help increase your restaurant’s exposure to even those customers who you cannot reach directly.

4.   Interesting and Educational

Not only are videos a great means of advertisement, but they can also serve as being informative and educational. Uploading short videos of the restaurant’s décor, brief interviews with chefs, front of the house employees and customers, with easy-to-follow tutorials for specialized recipes will surely keep customers involved.

5.   A Stronger and Effective Connection

As compared to text, video content effectively delivers more information in a shorter amount of time. The audio and video elements attract multiple senses, thus being an excellent means of communication. Not only can you show people your restaurant, but you can also interact with them via a live video feed or an amusing video documentary. Furthermore, a video message holds emotional value – it helps bind your customers in a strong personal relationship through sight and sound.

6.   Stronger Feedback

A strategically produced and shared video is more likely to reach your target audience and generate qualified leads and positive prospects. Even one-minute of creative and skillfully crafted video content increases the likelihood of viewers to follow a call-to-action. Moreover, after sufficient fan following, you can choose to make your videos fee-based, which means that your video campaign can help generate revenue as well!

         7.  Increase Brand Awareness

It all comes down to brand identity. Gaining a faithful audience for your videos establishes a connection between them, your message and your brand. Hence it is important to create clear and relevant videos that highlight the most appealing and unique aspects of your restaurant. Creating ‘an about us video’ will help connect your message to your audience more effectively, because it can be used to highlight what makes your plant-based restaurant unique. Additionally, it gains you trust and familiarity with your brand and continuous to establish a connection to your customers.

Your competitors are probably uploading videos while you’re reading this, so why wait? Indulge in video marketing and capture the attention of your target audience today!

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