Online Restaurant Reputation Management How To Turn Negative Reviews into Positive Experiences

Competition among restaurants has always been fierce, and now with the increase in social media, and the popularity of turning to peer reviews for purchasing decision. Reputation management is more important than ever. Leveraging technology can bring great benefits for your business if used correctly. However, the looming threat of negative reviews and criticism cannot be ignored.

Video Marketing is a Powerful Tool to Effectively Market Your Plant-Based Restaurant

Plant-Based Restaurant Marketing options are endless, from advertising on your website, newsletter, blogs, running ads, etc. One method that stands out which is both effective and affordable is social media video marketing. Video marketing is a great tool you can use to boost your social media presence, and it can be done...

Should I Boost My Facebook Posts?

Yes... if you have a lot of money to spare, and if you want limited optimization choices. The ‘boost post’ feature on Facebook is essentially a shortcut for creating a ‘promoted post’, and it's easy to use and very tempting. What most people fail to realize, however, is that it is not even close to the options and settings provided by the ads manager system. Using the ads manager for promoting your posts is a far better option, and here’s why.